Catalog View

The Catalog View allows you to browse and add courses to your shopping cart. To make your search for courses easier click the Show Sort/Filter Options link (top-left) to open the search, sort and filter capabilities of your school's course catalog.

From the Show Sort/Filter Options menu you can:

Once you find a course that you want to purchase, click on Add to Cart to the right of the description or click on View Schedule (Figure 1) if the course features scheduled section listings, and then click Add to Cart.

Figure 1

Repeat this step to add more courses to your cart.

Select Remove from Cart to delete a course from your cart. To see all the courses currently added to your cart, select View Cart (top-right) from the Catalog menu bar.

After you are done adding courses to your cart, click on Checkout (top-right) from the Catalog menu bar.

: In some cases the Location and More Info. columns will feature a link to a pop-up window with more information about a specific location or section.